Street Vibes

Lifestyle Market

Join the coolest urban market in Porto, which will take place in Alfândega do Porto Park. Free entry.

The Street Vibes - Lifestyle Market at The World Battle is an electrifying fusion of urban culture, lifestyle, and vibrant energy.

The Street Vibes Lifestyle Market is a must-attend event to enliven Porto with its dynamic energy and captivating atmosphere. Nestled within the stunning Alfândega do Porto, this urban market transcends the ordinary fair experience, offering a vibrant celebration of contemporary culture and urban living.

Featuring an eclectic blend of fashion, art, music, and gastronomy, the Street Vibes Lifestyle Market delivers a comprehensive experience for all attendees. From showcases by independent brands and local designers to art exhibitions and gourmet food trucks, there’s something to captivate every taste and interest.

The laid-back yet inviting ambience of the market encourages exploration, interaction, and inspiration. Visitors can uncover the latest fashion trends, discover one-of-a-kind pieces, admire local artwork, or simply savour delectable cuisine in a relaxed, lively setting.

Moreover, the Street Vibes Lifestyle Market is a platform for local artists and emerging talents, providing them a valuable opportunity to exhibit and sell their creations while fostering connections within the creative community. With free entry and situated in one of the city’s most iconic locales, the Street Vibes Lifestyle Market at Alfândega do Porto is an essential destination for those who relish the vibrant tapestry of urban culture.

 Prepare to immerse yourself in a remarkable experience that transcends mere shopping — it’s a genuine celebration of contemporary urban living.


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