The World Battle 2019

International urban Art and Dance event with the most amazing dancers in the world. Battle format - dancers will make their performances in different styles such as Bboying (1vs1) (Crew vs Crew), Bboying Kids (1vs1), Bgirling (2vs2), Hip-Hop (2vs2), House, Popping and Locking (1vs1). Extra Battles: Bonnie&Clyde, Footwork, Toprock, Powermoves, Open Styles (3vs3). Cypher Locking, Cypher Popping, Cypher Hip-Hop, Cypher House and Cypher Dancehall.


29 APR Monday

  • 12pm: "Street Vibes" Opening feat. Smile @ MXM - Urban market, fun, relax, pop-up stores, art and new tendencies with kids zone.

  • 12pm: Street Cypher - recording the video "Rocking Porto" for online exposure with “cool dancers” in special Porto spots (Douro River, Porto Beach and Ribeira).

30 APR Tuesday

  • 12pm: Street Vibes feat. Smile @ MXM

  • 9pm: "TODOS" Show @ Coliseu Porto Ageas

01 MAY Wednesday

  • 12pm: Street Vibes feat. Smile @ MXM

  • 2pm-6pm: World Battle Workshops @ MXM
    workshops with our invited world recognized teachers

  • 7pm-9pm: Talk and Share @ MXM
    Portugal and the Platforms of Culture, Show and Sport of Urban Art
    The Future of Breaking (MG,BOJIN,MAX)

  • 9:30pm: Portugal Breaking Championship @ MXM

02 MAY Thursday

  • 12:00: Street Vibes feat. Smile @ MXM

  • 2pm-5pm: SURF & CYPHER
    Bruce Almighty activity @ Porto Fitness Center: Edifício Transparente / Matosinhos Beach + Jiu-Jitsu Experience @ Ideal Korpus Porto Premium Fitness (Paulo Pereira)

  • 5:30pm: Sunset Opening Party @Terrace Sensum Vintage Restaurant in MXM - FIESTA FIESTA FIESTA

The World Battle 2019 - Supreme Legacy - Dark Passenger

03 May Friday
WB DAY 1 - MAIN EVENT - doors open at 12:00

  • 12pm: Street Vibes feat. Smile @ MXM

  • 2pm: Extra Battles (Bonnie&Clyde, Footwork, Toprock, Powermoves & Open Styles 3vs3) + Cypher Battles (Locking, Popping, Hip-Hop, House, Dancehall) @ MXM

  • 9pm: LOOP Festival:
    "Supreme Legacy - Dark Passenger" Show + "At Home" by Enano Speedy Angels @ MXM

04 May Saturday
WB DAY 2 - MAIN EVENT - doors open at 12:00

  • 10am-1pm: World Battle Workshops @ MXM

  • 12pm: Street Vibes feat. Smile @ MXM ArtCenter & Muxima

  • 2pm: Main Event pre-selections @ Muxima:
    Bboying Crew vs Crew - Bboying 1vs1 - Bgirling 2vs2 - Hip-Hop 2vs2 - Locking 1vs1 - Popping 1vs1 - House 1vs1 - Bboying Kids 1vs1

  • 8pm: "You Got Served?" Battle @ Muxima

  • 11:30pm: After-Party WORLD BATTLE
    Special Performance by Noesisx + Performance Dream Team Fiesta Bboy Kleju, Bboy MG, Bboy Max Oliveira @ Twins Foz

05 May Sunday
WB DAY 3 - MAIN EVENT - doors open at 12:00

  • 12pm: Street Vibes feat. Smile @ MXM & Hard Club

  • 12pm-3pm: Tell a Story. by Show It Dance Academy @ Hard Club

  • 2pm: Main Event Finals @ Hard Club

  • Closing FIESTA @ Hard Club


Not just about the competition, but also about urban vibes and creativity... Plus FIESTA FIESTA FIESTA!





  • Public Pass
    (WB Main Event Week)
  • Participant Pass
    (Saturday & Sunday)






  • All Workshops
  • "TODOS" Show (30 APR)
  • Surf & Cypher
  • Extra & Cypher Battles
  • Loop
  • After-Party
  • Main Event

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